DJI Mavic Pro Platinum


If you want a DJI Mavic Pro with extended flight time, get the Mavic Pro Platinum.

Mavic Pro Platinum flies and hovers about 11 percent longer than the original Mavic Pro.

Mavic Pro Platinum shoots the same quality 4K ultra-high-definition video as on the Mavic Pro. The Platinum, however, gains performance in several areas, in addition to flight time. Platinum is quieter at take off, landing and cruising, due largely to its new propellers. It also boasts more stability.

Every DJI Mavic Pro Platinum quadcopter features:

  • Flight time: up to 30 minutes
  • Long range: 4.3 miles
  • Remote controller: pocket-sized, wireless smartphone connection
  • Live-streaming video: 1080p (close range) or 720p
  • Top speed: 40 mph
  • Positioning sensors: redundant for more precision
  • Obstacle avoidance: up to 49 feet at 22 mph
  • Reduced noise: up to 60 percent quieter
  • Subject tracking: Active Track for moving subjects
  • Stability: improved by drivers offering sinusoidal current

Quieter Operation

New Model 8331 propellers dramatically reduce noise, especially noticeable at takeoff and landing. Mavic Pro Platinum is up to 60 percent quieter than the original Mavic Pro.

Extended Flight Time

Mavic Pro Platinum can hover longer, up to 27 minutes, and fly longer, up to 30 minutes. New drivers, along with the propellers, measurably boost performance. The FOC ESC controllers on Mavic Pro Platinum use sinusoidal current, a shape based on the sine wave, which boosts stability.

Intelligent Flight Battery

Good news: The batteries from your Mavic Pro will work on your Platinum, too. They display their charge status onscreen with DJI Go. Each quick-charge 3S Intelligent Flight Battery prevents damage from overcharging and excessive discharge during storage, even if stored at full charge.

Simple Setup

Just unfold the arms until they click in place. The remote controller, which you can carry in a pocket or purse, unfolds, too. Your smartphone snaps onto the remote controller without the need for a cable cable. Power it on to calibrate the compass, which takes a couple of minutes. Once you start your four motors, the props unfold automatically.

Follow Subjects with Active Track

Mavic Pro Platinum has you covered if your subject is moving. ActiveTrack keeps subjects in the frame. Mavic Pro Platinum uses the tracking mode you tell it to:

Trace — This tells your Mavic Pro Platinum to follow in front of or behind your subject. Your drone will even circle your subject if you tell it to. Trace lets you focus on the subject — say, a bride and groom leaving the church — and fly backwards while recording. That makes your job easier and the final product better looking

Profile — Follow alongside a moving subject, who will stay in frame. Mavic Pro Platinum will follow you, too, to record your activities.

Spotlight — Mavic Pro Platinum will lock on a stationary subject while you fly up, down or sideways in search of the best shot. Keep your subject automatically in the frame and in focus. Zoom or pan out with drone movement.

Tripod — Make your Mavic Pro Platinum inch along. Move slowly and deliberately to find your shot, then stop right there. Capture all the details.

For 12MP stills, set the shutter between 8 seconds for a time exposure and action-stopping 1/8000 second. Shoot in 3/5/7 fps bursts.

Mavic Pro comes with a 16MB video card; you can buy more storage capacity. Shoot automatically, or amp up your creativity by manually controlling aperture, shutter speed, ISO and file format onscreen.

Selfies by Gesture

Learn the simple hand gestures that Mavic Pro Platinum reads. Signal for a selfie and Platinum will wait three seconds before it shoots so you can pose. The hand signals are easy to learn.

Fly by Phone

Download an app to your smartphone so you can fly or set up a shoot using only your smartphone, without the controller.

Backup Sensors

Positioning won’t fail with dual IMUs and compasses. Your Mavic Pro Platinum uses GPS, GLONASS and ultrasonic range finders. Each key sensor on the Mavic Pro is duplicated. If one sensor fails, the backup sensor seamlessly kicks in.

Vision Sensors

Four vision sensors help you avoid obstacles as close as 2 feet at low speeds, and as far away as 49 feet at speeds up to 22 mph. If you get too close to an object, your Mavic Pro will stop and hover until you send a command. Its vision sensors see in three directions and protect you, even if you’re flying 14 feet off the ground and even if trees block satellite signals.

Flight Autonomy gives you the information you need to make your job a success. Flight Autonomy helps you hover accurately and land where you took off. Precision Landing can tell if the landing site is uneven so you can find a better spot.

TapFly points your drone in any direction on the map that displays on your smartphone. Terrain Follow maintains height off the ground, incuding on uneven surfaces. Return to Home avoids obstacles on the way back to base; it switches on automatically if your battery runs low.

See what your camera sees from up to 4.3 miles away. DJI Go shares all the information you need onscreen — where you are, altitude, power reserve, and what lies ahead.

Live-Stream Video

Mavic Pro Platinum helps you see what you’re shooting and exactly where you’re going by streaming a hi-def view over OcuSync. It streams in 1080p when your drone is nearby, and 720p when it’s farther away — up to 4.3 miles.

Your Mavic Platinum records in ultra-high-def 4K. Opt for FPV Goggles to completely immerse you in the flight experience in 1080p. The connection is wireless. Tap one side of the goggles to control the drone and camera, or control it using head movements alone. A friend can experience flight by wearing the goggles while you use the remote controller.

OcuSync also allows you to download video and stills while recording additional images. If OcuSync senses interference, it chooses the best frequency available.

Shake-Free 4K Video, Quality Camera

When video is 4K, it has more than four times the pixels of 1080p. Mavic Pro Platinum captures 4K video at up to 30fps, stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal. The gimbal cancels out drone movement.

With ActiveTrack, Mavic Pro Platinum locks onto your subject — even if you’re the subject.

There’s no need for a dedicated photographer. Mavic Pro Platinum makes it easy to communicate with it directly with through your remote controller.

Video Editing, Sharing, Live Streaming

Share your video live on Facebook or Youtube.  If you prefer to edit it first, use the DJI Go Editor right on your smartphone.

After editing, share your video on Twitter, Instagram or SkyPixel, the DJI community. For stills with a real professional look, shoot in Adobe DNG RAW, which allows editing on your computer for more detail and effects.

Ground Video

Your 1.6-lb. Mavic Pro can ne handheld to shoot ground video. Remove the props and fold the arms. Mount your phone to your remote controller and connect in WiFi mode. Just point and shoot video that is steadied by the 3-axis gimbal. You’ll se hat you’re shooting on the smartphone.

To return to the air, just reverse the process. It takes only minutes.

The Katana Handheld Stabilizer gives more professional results. It has two handles like professional handheld systems and holds your Mavic Pro Platinum securely.

Available Accessories

Choose optional Mavic Pro Platinum equipment from DroneNerds to suit your needs.

The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo Pack increases airtime. It includes the Mavic Pro Platinum and all the accessories that normally ship with it, plus: 2 extra batteries, three extra propeller pairs, charging hub, car charger and shoulder bag. The bag holds everything you need for a remote shoot, including four batteries — one in the drone, and three in the bag.

DJI Goggles provide a fully immersive flight experience with 1080p viewing. They synch wirelessly with Mavic Pro Platinum. Command your Mavic Pro Platinum right from the touchpad on the goggles.

An FPVLR antenna upgrade gives your Mavic Pro Platinum extended range. Drone Nerds recommends affordable professional installation by its qualified technicians, who will test your remote controller after installing the antenna upgrade. Schedule installation online or by calling 786-708-7807.

PolarPro Mavic lens filters are available in packs of six or packs of three. They let you adjust for ambient light when shooting video or stills.

If you plan remote shoots, you need spare batteries. With extra batteries, you’ll never spend time waiting to recharge. Improve your charging versatility with a charging hub, which replenishes up to four batteries at a time, and a car charger, which lets you recharge a battery while driving or at your base.

The Go Professional Mavic Pro Hard Case uses custom-cut foam to hold not only your platinum drone, but also five spare batteries, a charging hub, charger, remote controller, props and lens filters. This alligator case resists spills and dust.